We are  delighted to present to you Write On Comedy. An association that was founded by writers of comedy and writers on comedy. The aim of the association is to celebrate writers of comedy, writers on comedy, comedy folk who write, and those who simply love comedy. We are a community of writers and readers. A place to share ideas, tips, and laughter.

n addition to supporting writers, our vision is also to provide educational workshops and talks to young people, be it a student looking for a career in television, or a student studying drama, media or history at GCSE and A Level education or even through performance and illustration to engage our younger learners. Our workshops and talks help to develop pupils with a growth mindset, through inspiration from some of the leading names in the industry, as well as opportunities to try new things and learn about something they wouldn't necessarily focus on in school.

Our education programme offers an enriching learning experience through the range of workshops and talks, as well as providing students with a holistic nature of learning to write and perform creatively. The programme is designed to engage students’ critical abilities and their appreciation of artistic, cultural, historical and global perspectives in comedy. Students examine comedy concepts, theories, practices and ideas from multiple perspectives, challenging their own viewpoints and biases in order to understand and value those of others.

Students can experiment with writing, illustration and performance, acquiring the skills and creative competencies required to successfully communicate through the language of the medium. They develop an artistic voice and learn how to express personal perspectives through comedy.

All of our workshops emphasise the importance of working collaboratively. It focuses on fostering in students an appreciation of the development of comedy across time, space and culture. Students are challenged to understand alternative views, to respect and appreciate the diverse cultures that exist within comedy, and to have open and critical minds.